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What is a prosthesis over implant?

There are 2 type Implant prostheses;

  • Fixed implant prostheses
  • Removable prostheses on implants

Fixed Implant Prostheses are one of the systems that are frequently used in the absence of a single tooth or multiple teeth.

The teeth are completed with the help of porcelain crowns or bridges placed on the implants placed in the areas where there is a missing tooth.

Sometimes, even though our patients lose all their teeth, fixed porcelain teeth can be made with the help of implants. The social and psychological effects of this situation on people are undeniable because the happiness of an individual who has lost all their teeth is indescribable.

Removable Implant Prostheses are an economical solution that significantly increases comfort for individuals without teeth.

In this method, movable prostheses in the form of the palate, which are popularly called snaps, are used by using fewer implants.

Under normal conditions, these negativities of prostheses that play in the mouth, dislodge, and fill with food while eating are eliminated with implants.


How to Replace a Missing Tooth?

Tooth Loss

The absence of a single tooth threatens the entire oral health. Teeth in the mouth exert constant force on adjacent and opposing teeth.

For this reason, when one of the teeth is missing, the other teeth will try to fill the gap and unwanted gaps in the teeth will create sagging and aesthetic disorders.

Since this situation will make the treatment very complex, the deficiencies in the mouth should be eliminated without disturbing the dynamic structure of the jaws.

As it is known, the removal of missing teeth is usually eliminated by cutting and reducing the healthy teeth. Today, tooth deficiencies are treated without damaging the teeth in our mouth.

Protect your teeth health!

In the past, existing tooth deficiencies in the mouth were corrected with the help of fixed prostheses (crown-bridge), removable prostheses (palatal prostheses that patients could remove). Today, implant applications help us to eliminate tooth deficiencies as a new alternative. While it is necessary to cut the teeth in veneers or bridges made with traditional methods, tooth loss is eliminated without damaging the neighboring teeth thanks to implant applications. The main gain here is to increase the residence time in the mouth by preserving the natural teeth.

Tissue friendly…

Implants that replace missing teeth are produced from titanium. Titanium is widely used not only in dentistry but also in orthopedics, as it does not cause allergy and foreign substance reactions in tissues. For this reason, there is no such thing as the body’s rejection of the implant.

What are Gum Diseases?

Although it is common, the character of the disease is not sufficiently recognized by the society.

Gum disease is an inflammatory disease of the soft and hard tissues surrounding the teeth. The disease first begins in the soft tissues and later spreads to the bone around the tooth. The inflammatory process in the bone causes bone resorption and soft tissue loss.

Thus, the teeth that lose their support tissues begin to shake and fall out over time. This is the most important reason why some of our patients lose their teeth without decaying.

The main cause of the disease is the plaque formed by the accumulation of food residues, which we call bacterial plaque, on the teeth. If this plaque is not cleaned from our teeth for a long time, it will turn into tartar.

Tartars constantly irritate the surrounding tissues and cause bleeding in the gums. As can be understood from here, the primary cause of the disease is tartar and the toxins formed in our mouth by tartar.

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